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The Cares Route - Spain

The Cares route


The Cares river route runs into the Picos de Europa National Park, in Spain, and is one of the most breathtaking trekking trails that can be done in Europe.

The Cares route is called "The Divine Gorge". The path is carved in the rocks of the mountains and it is a wonderful journey over 12 km. between Caín (province of León) and Poncebos, in Asturias.


Cares Route


The Cares route from Asturias to León (Poncebos - Caín)

Poncebos is usually the start point where people begin the route.

The departure is from Arenas de Cabrales. From here, we turn to Poncebos which it is 5 km. away.

Before reaching the starting point there is parking for cars. We left the car there. A little further up there is another small parking but it doesn’t have many places.


The route begins.

After a short walk, a climb starts for 2 km (almost the only one during the trip). This part is the most difficult of the entire route.


Once on the top of it, the most beautiful part of the route begins. The rest of the path is completely flat but we must be careful because the it is narrow and there are hundreds of meters of free fall down to the river.



Desfiladero del Cares



Recommendations for the route

1- Wear good shoes and suitable clothing. Although the weather is nice, it is a good idea to bring a raincoat in case it gets cold.
2- Bring water and something to eat.
3- Wear a good sunscreen.
4- Be respectful to people, animals and plants.


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