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Frequently Asked Questions about the Cares Route

* Important.- Not recommended if you have vertigo.


Is allowed to do the route with a dog?

- Yes but the Dog must be on a leash.


Is allowed to do the route with mountain bike?

- Not because it is dangerous and annoying to those who are doing the route.


The Cares Route  is a free path?

- Yes it is. But maybe you need someone to take you to the other corner.

 There are several companies that make this journey.


Is it possible to do the route in winter time?

Yes, it is allowed but must be careful because the snow and rain can cause some  rock fall from the mountains.


Is there any place to eat on Cain?

- Yes, there are few restaurants.


Where is best start point, Caín or Poncebos?

- From Cain's easier.



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